Friday, October 06, 2006

I think I'm developing a blog-related hump

I should have seen this coming.

A month ago at pilates class, my instructor touched the slope of my shoulders and asked whether or not I worked with computers.

Um, no-ooo...Not as such.

And, dang-nabbit, I thought my posture was pretty good. I do pilates. I do yoga. I danced (and still do in the privacy of my living room).

Not good, my friends.

The problem is proportion. Blogging is fine if kept in proportion to other things, like, daily dietary requirements, fresh air, sleep...But I sit down in front of this computer and I slip right into a black hole. I begin at 9pm, and, can that be right? Is it, no...1 in the morning?

The further problem, as I see it, (and, if I may place the blame squarely on the shoulders of others so that I may be resolved of any responsibility) are those witty mommy bloggers. (Although I believe the term, "mommy blogger" may be politically incorrect as there are an equally witty number of daddy bloggers). They are an impressive and hard act to follow.

In my innocence, back in the dark ages of 2005, I thought it a convenient way to communicate with family friends. One post would save me the hassle of all those individual emails.

Well, bless my little heart.

I can't remember exactly who popped my blogging cherry. It was a mommy blogger, I know that much. But it was all those bloggy button things in the side panels that really blew my mind...Blogrolls and ads and site counters and links and more ads. Wow. Blogging was business.

So. I may have fallen down the rabbit hole, but I will find my way out long enough to work on my posture. After I add this link. And that link. And this button thingie...


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