Sunday, March 22, 2009


I wouldn't normally post twice in one day, but the most terrible, horrible thing happened. The single-most soul destroying baby body emission that was ever emitted...

In my bedroom.
On my rug.
On my shoes and on two separate cans of deodorant.
On my person. And his person.

Befoulment. Befouler! I cast thee out baby butt.

What do I do? I allow the baby to buff his little neked body around the bedroom while I prepare the bath. This is my crime. I turn around and there is...befoulment everywhere. Everywhere. After intensive cleaning, there is still the spotty brown mustard evidence and two cans of deodorant that need replacing.

Baby thy name is Befouler.


Blogger Sandra said...

UGH! ... but hilarious

12:13 PM  

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