Saturday, October 07, 2006

Expat Perk #8: Tagging along on spouse's business trip

1 Week. 6 Countries.

Mode of transport: Renault Menage with faulty clutch and non-fuctioning driver's side window.

The Accomplices: Hubby, Hubby's Colleague, Moi

Backseat Companions: Cheetos, Pretzels, Orangina, Diet Coke, Tums

And in the category of things-we-needed-but-did not-have and things-we-had-but-did-not-need: #1: Road map. #2: Cooking Light Magazine.

Day 1: Sarajevo, BiH, Croatia (Slavonia), Ljubljana, Slovenia

Leg 1 complete.

Number of accidents witnessed in Bosnia: 4

Number of driving delays: 4

Basically, hairpin turns, sudden stops, mountain roads, and overall bad driving makes Bosnia a navigational disaster. Witness...

Flat tire. We are so-ooo not going 60.

Truck down. One lane open. No police. Aggressive drivers. Enough said.

Next time: Ljubljana, Slovenia


Blogger jen said... it. if only it was a longer trip?

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