Monday, February 09, 2009

Senor Destructo! Witness the carnage. Hug his mommy. (Day 15)

What the...?
Actually, this is no great shocker. I no sooner get done cleaning the room--that's right, cleaning-- when Captain Underpants rolls through like a tornado.
I am spent. Purely and utterly and am praying that he naps this afternoon like he did yesterday. (Two hours and not a peep. That's the sleep I want.)
How do you folks with multiples do it? I know I'm a big whiny mommy baby myself, but jeez...Ol has never been the kinda baby you could put in a playpen, in front of a book, or, heck, the TV...(I know, "Jacki, you monster!") Nope. He must crawl or walk or play or GET INTO THINGS, THINGS THAT ARE NOT HIS. What's the point of toys, I ask?
Look, I get this is all developmentally appropriate. It's good he's exploring. It's good he's curious. It's good he's slobbering on all the ice-trays and assorted plastic containers. They're new and unique and he's bored with the thousand other brightly colored toys strewn around the house. It makes sense.
Maybe I just have a profound lack of patience. But. Doesn't anyone else just get fed up? I need to make dinner or put in a load of clothes, and "Damn!" "Ol, shoot, don't touch that. That's trash." Or. "How did you find that? Where did you find that?" "Oh, sweetie, don't cry. Here, come on, momma's got you...." "Oh crap, the onions are burning." Just a recent example, right off the top of my brain.
A lot of women go at this momma business alone, and being a momma now, I so tip my hat to you. (And dads, props to you single dads...) I sometimes wonder, for those of us who are expats and who have family back wherever we're originally from, if it would be easier to raise a child "back there."
For instance. Our folks wouldn't be around the corner, but I know we could always drop Ollie off at his grandparents to sleepover. If we wanted to make the two hour drive up to Delaware or Jersey. Then, we could traipse off to a merry night at the movies.
Since having Ol, we have been out alone twice. Wow.
I think I might just need a break, but there's no break to be had. Except for my outside work, I'm stuck in 24/7. And what about you moms who work at home? (And let me be clear, by "work at home" I do include being a mom. Most definitely.) How do you balance it? I build routines into my at-home days. And, actually, I do look forward to the routines....
Sample routine. Monday. Go to Boots, pick up baby treats and formula, if needed. Wander down the high street and end up at Waitrose. Buy beautifully packaged and overpriced food. Like pre-chopped onions. Thing of beauty.
I do like spending time with the little guy. He's mine. And I loves him. But I am whacked by the end of the day, and I look around the house and feel like I've accomplished nothing. (I have yet to truly conquer our laundry pile. I don't actually think our laundry basket has a "bottom." I haven't seen it for months.)
And I realize, as I write this, I feel a little foolish, as my little guy is sleeping away upstairs. He's giving me a much needed break on this hectic day, so I just should shut my mouth, quit complaining, and put my feet up....
While the silence lasts, that is.


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