Thursday, February 05, 2009

Winter storm wreaks havoc with morning commute. Part Deux. (Day 11)

Imagine my great and abiding surprise when I woke up to snow.


This is England. As a rule, you may see a flurry but actual physical white powder evidence?

The normally 20 minute drive to work took an hour, as we were going about 10 mph.

(I understand there are some cutie-patute Ollie-in-the-snow pictures, courtesy of Auntie Melissa. Will post when available.)

a) View from our balcony. Now, that's snow! b) The red car we followed all the way to Huntingdon. At 10 mph. c) Tree on the way to work. In a field. Some field. No, I don't know where. d) Godmanchester. Waiting and waiting to get on the ring road.


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