Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of the Ox...Happy New Year! (Day 1)

I'm going to try for this 365 photo a day concept...Ol, this is for you. As momma has been utter crap with a baby book, consider this your birthday pressie. (Also, momma feels guilty that you're very first birthday will be celebrated sans grandparents and various and sundry family members.) Saying this, I make no promises that I will post every day, but I will certainly try. And, although this may surprise you wee one, not all pictures will be about you or actually be you.
In fact, my first photo is this...
I think Karin and I may be in competition to see who can send the prettiest birthday flowers. Imagine these as one lovely bouquet (because that's what they were until I realized I had no jumbo vase so had to keep them in the sink and troll the charity shops for something to put them in and found these and thought "Oh hell, I'll just split them in two.")


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