Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've added Wai Lana and Margaret Richard to my daily routine (Day 71)

What? You think it isn't worthy to blog about? You are, like, so totally wrong.

I'm finding my new Washington routine evolve ever so slowly, and it goes something like this:

1) Get up. Make breakfast for self, baby.
2) Play with baby; put baby in for morning nap.
3) Job search; apply for jobs; don't think about chances of getting job as economy is crap. (Maybe I'm crap? No! Patience is a virtue, a virtue, dammit! You are a strong, beautiful woman with a tight little booty, which does not really help. In the professions I'm considering.)
4) Turn on PBS and do workout with Margaret Richard even though I'm not "40 and Fabulous." She kicks my ass anyway, which is disturbing in and of itself.
5) Take bath with Ollie while Wai Lana does her yoga thang in background. Am totally into her trippy dance to end yoga workout. Think Wai Lana may be on to something. (Or on something?) Not sure what but she cheers me to no end.
6) Go to park. Run after baby as he runs after others and eats junk off dirt, or just dirt.
7) Run errands.
8) Make lunch. Make smoothies!! Try not to eat rest of Ben & Jerry's FroYo.
9) Baby nap; more job apply. Feel self-esteem leech out of soul, into chair.
10) Maybe watch Bernie Mac. I love Bernie, America.
11) Baby waketh! Take baby to play with baby friend around the corner.
12) Bring baby home; make dinner. Can take pride in asparagus soup. I make fine asparagus soup.
13) Give baby dinner; feed husband; put baby to bed.
14) Lather, rinse, repeat


Blogger Sandra said...

yeah... I feel for you. It's tough being on the baby routine 24/7.
I hope you get a great, rewarding, empowering job where a "tight little booty" is of no relevance but nothing to be ashamed of either! ;-)

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

i had to google wai lana. what the eff!? haha

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Geotacs said...

sounds like an exciting routine!


2:38 AM  
Anonymous baresytapas said...

I have visited this blog by accident, but I found it quite interesting. You're doing a good job (and most importantly it's free). A greeting.

11:52 PM  

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