Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ha! You thought maybe I gave up??? (Day 69)

Nope. I'm a crazy maverick and thought I'd tease you with anticipation! Do you feel well and truly seduced?
Actually, this move was a whopper, and we're still suffering from the fallout. Meaning.

We're broke and close to broken. And we still won't have our stuff for a month.

I've lost my friends. Actually, my best friend. My job. My adorable little town. And everything familiar.

I've gained an apartment situated on a LOUD alley, heavily used by police cars, trash trucks, and other assorted commercial vehicles. I swear it was not this way when we left. Or, maybe, my tough city girl skin is still soft from all that lush verdant QUIET English country life. Probably that.

And forget the job situation. What crappy choices I have.

If I were to put a positive spin on the madness, I can say it's nice to live so close to so many intriguing little shops. Our neighborhood got a lot cooler while we were gone. I could just say we live in an undisclosed location of Northwest DC, but I will be a little more specific and name the neighborhood. Drum roll please....We live in Logan Circle.

Yeah, I know. It is a little too cool for us. Believe me, the coolness happened around us, and we just bask in it, slack-jawed and kinda geekily staring...

Anyway. I'm going to push on with this project of mine. I'll get to 365 days even if I happen to skip a few days. Or a month.

So, here is Ol in our apartment. Forgive the mess. He's talking on the telephone to someone very important, I'm sure.


Blogger Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

welcome back! Great to see you again post move, hope everything falls into place. x

9:35 AM  

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