Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Have Found My People!

How can you not love a people who wait in long lines for the freshest of fresh bread, drink the strongest of strong coffee, and make the most delicious baked goods?

I love you! Your siren song of baked goodness will leave me a fat woman, but I don't care!

Admittedly, the coffee is a bit strong, but I will prevail. I won't let caffeine conquer me.

I'm in my honeymoon period here in Sarajevo. Everything is new and fresh. I have learned (and am now using to the point of absurdity) my one Bosnia word: "hvala," i.e., "thank you." I went to the bank today and exchanged money, and then I went to the ATM and got more money. Whoo-hoo! Later, I might explore the supermarket and buy things with my money. Can you stand the excitement? That's what I mean by "honeymoon."

I am desperate for a cultural translator. I'm aching for an educated Bosnian friend (English speaker, of course), who will take me under his/her wing and show me 'round town. Until then, I have to muddle through. Tourism is in its infancy here...No English language signs (no German, French, either) to let you know what's what. There are some fairly depressing reminders of the war here, as you can imagine, but nothing to let you know what happened, when, to whom...I'll post images when I can. Just imagine walking down the street and seeing bullet holes everywhere...We look out our living room window to the store next to us, and it is literally covered with holes. Artisans actually take bullet casings and carve them as souvenirs for tourists. Sigh. I think people are tired of discussing the seize, and the memories of everything are too fresh to talk about for a tourist's sake. Go slowly, shall be my motto.

For now, cheers...