Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Quickly, a note from Stuttgart

I am just racing, racing to post this before my time runs out. Joyous blissful ecstasy, our hotel that charged us out the bunghole for a room also charges out the bunghole for virtually every amenity: internet service, fitness room (20 euros a day, I don't this so). Well. That leaves me fending for myself at a very pricey internet cafe at the SI Centrum in Stuttgart.

And while I'm on the rant. Do not stay at the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart. No way. You can do better for your money.

I promised Ljubljana next, meaning this post. But. I cannot load images as there is no port thingy for my memory stick. You need to see the pics. It is that beautiful, so stay tuned.

I spent the day winging it in Stuttgart. No map. No German. But things always work out in the end. I find that most strangers are pretty kind and that you can rely on them. Most of the time. So, danka, danka, danka, strangers.


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