Sunday, October 29, 2006

Welcome to the world, baby girl...

After months of waffling, I decided to take the plunge and buy a pair of black high-top Converse sneaks.

Aww...Aren't they cute?

The hubs has always been partial to the Chuck Taylor's. In fact, when I first admired his cute little frame from afar, I couldn't help also noticing his stylin' footwear.

He couldn't help noticing my ass, but that's another story entirely.

Now, they live side-by-side in domestic harmony. Sometimes.

I bought this precious number at the mall in Skenderija. For all of you Sarajevans in the house, am I the only one who finds this underground maze creepy? While there are always a fair number of people drinking coffee at the indoor cafes, there is virtually no one shopping. And I mean shopping shopping and window shopping. Yes, there is the occasional German EUFOR brigade, but where are the Bosnians? I don't think the prices are much different from the outdoor markets...Maybe, I'm there at the wrong times.

Anyway, I am very satisfied and am now considering adopting a second pair. Mayhaps, pink?


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