Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alas, zima has arrived. Early.


Where have you gone, autumn? Come back.

At least, I get to snuggle into my very own handmade sock/slippers.

This cozy yellow number was made by the lovely Amela. Being camera shy, you will just have to take my word that Amela is lovely. And patient. One fateful morn, she decided to show me that knitting-was-not-that-hard. Pah. I believe there were one (or two) choice words lobbed at the knitting needles, much to her and her children's surprise. I wisely put the needles aside.

For super cold days, I find this crazy red number works well. These were made courtesy of this woman (see below). Well, not so much courtesy. I paid 20 BAM, about 10 euros. Definitely worth the price. Everything is done by hand, from the dyeing of the wool, to well, everything. Pretty remarkable. And warm. But you must go to the village of Lukomir first. That's the tricky part. Bring your Dramamine.

And now for some hot peppermint tea with honey. Lots of honey.


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