Sunday, October 15, 2006

9 Day Road Trip Over/Infrastructure Needed

Oh my God.

We're back. Hooah.

Head Colds: 1. Me.

Cities Visited: Hmm. 4, if you count actual tourist destinations. 6, if you count motel stop-overs. The final tally: Ljubljana, Slovenia/Salzburg, Austria/Stuttgart, Germany/Vicenza, Italy (stop-over)/Venice, Italy/Karlovac, Croatia (stop-over).

Car Defects: 5. Driver-side window remains nonfunctional as do both backdoors. (This proved somewhat tricky during border crossings and bathroom breaks). The gas lid thing fell off somewhere in Germany and the clutch remains faulty.

General Observation: Bosnia needs better roads. This would not only increase tourism (man, your highways rock, Croatia) but prevent acrobatic driving and the accidents which result. Example: Hmm. Mountain road. Many curves. Maybe, I can push my 10-year old Volkswagen past three cars and a truck before I get to that tunnel. Let's try, shall we?

Otherwise, it's good to be home. Now, where's my Emergen-C?


Blogger Monica said...

wow, that trip looks so friggin friggin friggin awesome. I am mad jealous.

2:29 PM  

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