Monday, November 06, 2006

Haters and other assorted weirdoes

I admit to utter bafflement when it comes to the Sarajevan attitude towards cats and dogs…and pigeons. Just came back from a Veli walk where I witnessed an attempted cat punting by a sweet little old lady. Well, seemingly sweet, anyway. She was surrounded by those flying disease carriers when a wee bundle of fur leapt out from behind a trashcan for a little breadcrumb action. Oh, hells no…Poor little thing avoided her boot point by centimeters. This is not an unusual occurrence. Apparently, avian flu, no problem, harmless kitty cat, problem.

Not the punter.

And, dude, if you don’t want my dog to come over to you and/or jump on you, don’t get down on her level, pat your thighs/snap your fingers and say, "Mali, mali, mali…"* This will only confuse her into thinking that you do want her to love you in that physical way dogs have. When you pull back in absolute fear, well…You just hurt her little doggie feelings, man.

So ends the rant for today. Peace out, my little lovelies.

* Little, or, little sweetie


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