Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Richard Quest is bitch slapping anchors and taking names

I will always remember the day the world went down the toilet because of Richard Quest.

"Run for the hills, people! Grab your children and your cyanide pills. We're doomed. DOOMED!"

Trust Richard to give me a good hard giggle when I should be rooting through my medicine cabinet to find those cyanide pills. And removing all my money from the bank.

Thanks, Richard. You're a much needed tonic to all the worry about the economy tanking.


Blogger fraught mummy said...

Hello. A way back you very kindly left a comment on my life in Bosnia with kids type blog. And finally I have come and read your blog and I love it. Great to see someone with similar interests to me (bosnia/kids/dog/expat/uk/ dealing with stinky pants type stuff). Hope you are enjoying the UK autumn - Bosnia misses you.

12:09 AM  

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