Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inexplicably homesick for travel...

...and freakishly bound to this blog.

Hmm, well...Duh. It is kinda in the title.

I wonder about people. People who live their lives in one place. (And maybe move once in a lifetime.) How do they see their lives play out before them? Romantic partnership, family home, kids, up-up the career ladder, and retirement? It's funny. I can only see into the next two years of my life and then only vaguely. I don't see progression so much as leaps and gigantic bounds.

Inevitably, and really not very inexplicably, I get that antsy feet itch to explore new horizons. Is this the curse of those who are hopelessly bound to travel because of their work?

Without sounding hokey, and I'm afraid that's impossible, I really just want to do good work wherever I land, for the time I'm there. After all these years as a traveling spouse, this is my ethos, my modus operandi, my security blanket and comfort.

Is that hokey? Little throw-up-in-your-mouth-Hallmark hokey?

It must be 'cause I'm feeling queasy.

Here's to good work and to not talking about my job because hello? Stupid.

And to my posting some more here and there and everywhere.


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