Friday, October 07, 2005

Cash, Good! Credit Card, Bad...

Just because the markets advertise that they accept visa doesn't mean the store clerks are very used to handling plastic. We held up a line for what seemed like eons while an irate store clerk figured out how to work our credit card. Not pleasant. I can only imagine what she was saying in Bosnian. To our credit, we pasted on that thousand watt smile as if to say, "Please, we are foreigners in your country. Take pity." I think the rest of the folks in the line showed great restraint--they seemed neither put out nor pissed off. Very glad we held our temper, but the urge to pull an "ugly American" was strong. A glimpse into my mind at that moment: "I want the name of your store manager! This is incredibly unacceptable, you rude, rude woman! I want you fired, and I want to sue, sue, sue!" Thankfully, this played around my mind but did not come out of my mouth. That I held my temper showed equally great restraint. Stu wants to revenge our battered egos by going back to the store and pay for a stick of gum with a credit card.


Blogger Lauren said...

Hey there! Love the blog...will put a link to in from mine. :-) A word to wise...was in Brasov yesterday and my girlfriend's credit card wouldn't go through, when she had just used it the other day. Once you use your credit card in a "strange foreign place" (aka Romania or BiH), sometimes credit card companies will cancel/halt transactions on the card until they verify that it was an actual purchase by the owner of the card. So check up on your credit card before you try to use it again or else you might be seriously put out and not be able to buy that fabulous pair of italian leather shoes! :-)

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