Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm lovin' easy numberin'

I promise to throw my brain back into gear on Monday, after the last of the turkey induced somnolence exits my bloated body. (Yes, I know. Try not to dwell too long on that.) Until then, I'm using all available crutches.

1. Fog! Thick as pea soup in Sarajevo today. It's like Casablanca. But not.

2. The burning season has come upon us. It's the annual olfactory assault of burning wood, leaves, and other and assorted trash. My eyes burn and my nose hurts. It's a slow, yet painful, death for the environment, and, believe me, we mourn with it. It's probably best that we're leaving. If we were to stay, the cancer causing carcinogens would more than likely eat us from the inside out, leaving us little more than husks.

3. Hmm. Was it the fog or the smog that was thick as pea soup?

4. But, lo! Look how pretty Sarajevo is on a nice day. (View from our old house. Not too shabby, eh?)
5. I am inordinately excited about the copy of It's a Wonderful Life I'm ordering from Amazon. I know this has nothing to do with fog or smog, but I thought I'd switch things up. Make life a little more interesting. As I said, I am inordinately excited.

6. I'm marginally less excited about the blackmarket copy of Edmond we just bought. Scratch marginally. Let's say I'm definitely less excited. It was my movie choice, and now I'm full of regret. Just like Dogville before it, I fear I will want to slit my wrists by movie's end.

And, just like that, I'm done. Fin. That's all she wrote. Watch the cooked goose waddle off to bed.


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