Sunday, November 19, 2006

And this is why I don't volunteer

It's not a hard and fast rule, but, generally, I dislike it when people poke me in the stomach to get my attention. Husband, maybe. Best friend, okay. But complete stranger? Not cool.

I just spent my day selling raffle tickets for an organization that shall remain nameless. But. If I said the group's members were predominantly women of the expat variety, I think that may ring a few bells, particularly among the female expat crowd.

Just to cushion the rant, I will say that many of these women are very nice and truly want to raise money for GOOD CAUSES. And that's why I'm a member.

The others? If I was charitable and if I was a much better person, I would never ever think of saying things like, "name-dropping snobs," or dare I say, "bitches," but there you go. I'm not a much better person.

And this is why I don't volunteer. For this group. Not very much, anyway.

Why bother when someone decides based on, oh, who knows what they base it on...? When someone decides that you are not worth the five seconds of courtesy it takes to say, "Hey, J., could you hand me that ticket?" And decides to yak away to a friend, poke you in the stomach and wave her hand in the direction of the tickets.

Are you kidding me?

Lady, I don't give a flying flip if you're the wife of an ambassador (she wasn't), and, frankly, I think you'd have more manners if you were.

This kind of thing shouldn't stay with me as it does. We all know that these people exist, and as mature adults, we should move past it. But, darn it. It burns. It burns! And it's not cool.

So. I'm going to march my thin-skinned self into the kitchen and make a cup of tea. Then, I'll flop down on the bed, poke my husband in the stomach, and whine some more.


Blogger Doc said...

So she poked you in the stomach. Don't you know that's expat signlanguage for "knock me in the head with that roll of tickets"? Grr. Bitches like that piss me off.

1:08 AM  
Blogger J. said...

Oh right! I need to work on my non-verbal cues...

1:39 AM  

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