Monday, November 27, 2006

Show of hands now...

Who's obsessed with You Tube?

Me, me, me, me!

I just found complete episodes of Coupling and the Twilight Zone as well as Rear Window in all of its full length glory.

Just because I'm so, so excited. Here's a little taste.

The rest you have to find for yourselves.


Blogger Boo7 said...

Hiya J.......

I myself have just discovered YouTube....yes, yes I can that be you ask??? Well the answer is....I just don't know what took me so long to discover it.....LORD knows I spend enough time on the internet to have stumbled over it long before now....blame it on some kind of cyber-anomaly!!!

Anyway...I also just discovered your the title....for me it could read....have Ativan, will travel....roflmao too funny!!

Nice to meet you and I will return.....:)

11:23 AM  

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