Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cause I needed a laugh. (Day 68)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The China Syndrome, totally the scariest movie ever! (Day 67)

Thank you, Channel 4! Something to take my mind off the tedium and panic of the move--and all of the thank you cards I must send and those thank-you chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

Look at the young Jack Lemmon! "I knew the vibration wasn't normal."
And the young Jane Fonda!
OMG! "The nuclear reactor is going to blow, and I'm not even a real investigative reporter yet!"
It's "nuc-u-lar," right Richard, ahem, Michael Douglas?

Eesh! China Syndrome.
I'm so excited I almost burnt mah cookies.

Good-bye party Raj Douth, Cambridgeshire (Day 66)

And so my NCT mommies said their goodbye's.

I am so sick of goodbye's.

I want this to be over. Yet, I find myself hit by incredible inertia. I may never leave this couch. Maybe the movers can just pack me in with all of the other furniture?

I'll be fine with my ipod and a small television.