Friday, July 08, 2011


My month of healthy living almost came to a grinding and unexpected halt yesterday. The lure? Ground meat. Greasy, cheesy hamburger. (Note to self: gotta stop blaming hamburgers for life's problems.)

Happily, I persevered, walked past that temptation, and ate a grossly overpriced (and gross) lentil burger and kombucha. (It's a sad day when you can say your kombucha was far tastier than your entree.)

Lacto-pesco-ovo wise, the day was a success. I even practiced my restorative yoga poses and nasal breathing.

Unfortunately, the rest of the day, the day not involving Hubs, Kiddo, or restorative yoga poses, sucked profoundly. Profoundly.

Even deep nasal breathing couldn't save me.

So, this will be my challenge, as I knew it would. How do I stay positive and centered when my tendency is to slip into shallow breathing anxiety laced Hell?

Part of the answer is perseverance. I am committed to not only cleansing my body of red meat but also to remaining faithful to activities that promote mind-body wellness. Like restorative yoga and breathing.

And I need to counter my obsessive negative thoughts with positive ones. Like. My son is adorable and thinks that pirates, though "really bad," are also totally awesome. I don't want to miss that stage.

For my own sanity and, frankly, well-being, I need to stay committed to this month of well-being and persevere through that which sucketh.

Are you with me?


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