Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've added Wai Lana and Margaret Richard to my daily routine (Day 71)

What? You think it isn't worthy to blog about? You are, like, so totally wrong.

I'm finding my new Washington routine evolve ever so slowly, and it goes something like this:

1) Get up. Make breakfast for self, baby.
2) Play with baby; put baby in for morning nap.
3) Job search; apply for jobs; don't think about chances of getting job as economy is crap. (Maybe I'm crap? No! Patience is a virtue, a virtue, dammit! You are a strong, beautiful woman with a tight little booty, which does not really help. In the professions I'm considering.)
4) Turn on PBS and do workout with Margaret Richard even though I'm not "40 and Fabulous." She kicks my ass anyway, which is disturbing in and of itself.
5) Take bath with Ollie while Wai Lana does her yoga thang in background. Am totally into her trippy dance to end yoga workout. Think Wai Lana may be on to something. (Or on something?) Not sure what but she cheers me to no end.
6) Go to park. Run after baby as he runs after others and eats junk off dirt, or just dirt.
7) Run errands.
8) Make lunch. Make smoothies!! Try not to eat rest of Ben & Jerry's FroYo.
9) Baby nap; more job apply. Feel self-esteem leech out of soul, into chair.
10) Maybe watch Bernie Mac. I love Bernie, America.
11) Baby waketh! Take baby to play with baby friend around the corner.
12) Bring baby home; make dinner. Can take pride in asparagus soup. I make fine asparagus soup.
13) Give baby dinner; feed husband; put baby to bed.
14) Lather, rinse, repeat

Friday, May 08, 2009

Must leave city. Must leave city...(Day 70)

It's too big! Too crowded! I'm constantly asking myself if I should move the baby's crib away from the window because you never know if a stray bullet will come through the window.

Not really a joke in our neighborhood, although only one or two people in our building have actually been shot. (All survived.)

So, even though we can't afford to sell our house, I panic attacked my way through the classifieds and said to hubby, "What's the harm of checking out neighborhoods? You know, just to see..."

Which brought us to Kensington, it's darling antique row, and an equally darling man whom I'm guessing is named Sandro.

It's a lovely place to visit, but, oh my God, Sandro...He let me try on $10,000 necklaces, spoke at length about attractive cleavages, gossiped about how Sharon Stone wore one of his necklaces and DIDN'T GIVE IT BACK, and did I mention the $10,000 NECKLACES???

I don't know what casual bling y'all have hanging around the crib, but in these here neck of the woods, the closest I've ever gotten to jewelry in that price range is one to two feet. There's me. There's the thick glass and security alarms.

And here's this lovely older gentleman, talking about his craft and proudly displaying his finer work. Age and arthritis don't allow him to create anymore, so he waits until an enthusiastic shopper comes across his threshold.

We wandered in right in the middle of inventory, and I swear to the good Lord above, if hubby and baby weren't there, I would have volunteered my services and sat my ass down between him and his daughters and helped right on out. Just to touch the jewelry.

Why, oh why, didn't I get a picture?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ha! You thought maybe I gave up??? (Day 69)

Nope. I'm a crazy maverick and thought I'd tease you with anticipation! Do you feel well and truly seduced?
Actually, this move was a whopper, and we're still suffering from the fallout. Meaning.

We're broke and close to broken. And we still won't have our stuff for a month.

I've lost my friends. Actually, my best friend. My job. My adorable little town. And everything familiar.

I've gained an apartment situated on a LOUD alley, heavily used by police cars, trash trucks, and other assorted commercial vehicles. I swear it was not this way when we left. Or, maybe, my tough city girl skin is still soft from all that lush verdant QUIET English country life. Probably that.

And forget the job situation. What crappy choices I have.

If I were to put a positive spin on the madness, I can say it's nice to live so close to so many intriguing little shops. Our neighborhood got a lot cooler while we were gone. I could just say we live in an undisclosed location of Northwest DC, but I will be a little more specific and name the neighborhood. Drum roll please....We live in Logan Circle.

Yeah, I know. It is a little too cool for us. Believe me, the coolness happened around us, and we just bask in it, slack-jawed and kinda geekily staring...

Anyway. I'm going to push on with this project of mine. I'll get to 365 days even if I happen to skip a few days. Or a month.

So, here is Ol in our apartment. Forgive the mess. He's talking on the telephone to someone very important, I'm sure.