Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Long Weekend...

Very odd to be in Bosnia but have the Columbus Day holiday. They do things the American Way at Camp Butmir! Cheers, folks. Stu and I grabbed the opportunity for an extended holiday and drove down to the Croatian coastline. It was not entirely smooth sailing as there were a few minor car accidents along the way...Combine treacherous downpours on the Herzogovinian mountains and La Crappy Car--I think the English translation of "Skoda" is actually "crappy"--and you have a setting for disaster. I have to send out props to Stu for some awesome defensive driving. If I was behind the wheel, our tiny fender-benders would have been fender-catastrophes. As it was, I added to the excitement by screaming periodically. Fun.

Apart from naked fear, the drive offered some spectacular scenery. The section of Herzogovinia we drove through was very different from Sarajevo (Bosnia) in terms of climate. Definitely more Mediterranean. Oh! I forgot Mostar. Before the driving induced trauma, we spent a night in this lovely city. We didn't have a lot of time on our hands so no real exploring...The city had a relaxed, laid-back feel, and I definitely want to come back for another look. I may make Mostar my first solo journey...

Back to Croatia. So, we made it to Dubrovnik, a little freaked out and tired, but we made it. Once the sky cleared, we had a spectacular view of the Adriatic from our hotel room. (Warning: Dubrovnik is extremely touristy and expensive. It's most likely Croatia's cash cow. Traveling off-season will offer more reasonable rates). Not to make those of you living in colder climates jealous but we had a lovely swim in the clear blue sea. I felt very luck to be there. On whole, it was a relaxing weekend. And I can say that our trip back was uneventful. Thank God.


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