Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My sweet obsession

Come. To. Mama.

I love these beyond reason. To the point of sheer gluttony.

It's almost blasphemous.

I've been on a desperate search for the recipe, seeing as I'll be leaving these shores in mere weeks .

Guess what I learned? This is not actually a Bosnian recipe!


Indeed. It's a knockoff of Raffaello. Sweet relief! I can actually buy them in England. (I better be able to frickin' buy them in England. Hear Me?) I doubt KLAS delivers.

Anyway. Before I learned about this Raffaello bit, my wonderful, beautiful friend Enisa dug up a recipe. I haven't tried it yet, and I'm a little flipped out because she mentions almonds at the very end, yet, almonds are no where mentioned in the ingredients section. Crap.

I plan to try the recipe next week, but, if any dessert maven out there in blogland cares to give it a shot before then, let me know how it turns out!

Hello Darling,

Here is a recipe for "kokosove kuglice":

100g water
250g. powder milk
50.g. coconut flower/powder ( I really don't know English expression)
250g. sugar
2 small bags vanilla sugar
250g. butter

Boil water, add sugar and cook it together on low temperature for a while about 10min.
Than add (in same dish) butter, powder milk, coconut powder and vanilla sugar.
Make it hot, to boil just one bubble.
Than, take away from temperature.
Let it to cool of and make bowls with almonds inside, and coconut powder outside.

Enjoy in lovely bowl!



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