Friday, January 12, 2007

We're here...!

Meaning we're no longer there. "There" being the Twilight Zone Ramada Inn, Philadelphia International Airport. However. Our luggage is still traveling the cosmos with Mr. Serling. We hope that he will be kind enough to send it through the next black hole as we really need a change of clothes.

So. Military housing is not as bad as I expected. It's not good. But not bad. And my hippie liberal friends will be horrified to learn that I am now the proud owner of a spouse military i.d. Yes. I can shop at the shopette until I drop. Whoo-hoo.

Now I must away. Rumor has it that one of our bags may be arriving at the front gate today, and the guards won't let the courier through without my presence. Something about bombs...or something....

Cheerio from the heartland of East Anglia!


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