Thursday, December 07, 2006


A couple of hair-raising drives later, and we've yet to learn roundabout etiquette.

And have I mentioned the drive into Cambridge on the A14 where we actually drove on the right side of the road until oncoming traffic alerted us to the fact that, duh, we were still in England?

That was fun. And tingly. I think my heart stopped.

The house hunting goes and goes and goes...I think we may have settled on St. Neotts, very centrally located between London (40 minutes by fast train) and Cambridge (20 minutes by car or bus). Of course, we would prefer to live in London, but....the astronomical cost of everything does make one weak in the knees. The dreaded pound just gets stronger and the dollar gets weaker and weaker. I may have to learn to prostitute. Any pimp daddy's out there?

But, joy...I think the British may be even more mad for Christmas than Americans. We flew right into holiday fever. Actually heard a radio announcer say that he needed to do some "last minute Christmas shopping." Mwah? I thought "last minute" was strictly reserved for Christmas Eve lollygaggers. Apparently not.


If you don't hear from me until Monday, never fear! I'll be taking notes...


Blogger Doc said...

I have thought of the prostitution angle too, but there's so much free stuff out there it's hard to make any money. So will "Flat-Backing In England" be the new blog name?

7:57 AM  

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