Monday, December 11, 2006

How to impress me...


Every cotton-picking time I try to work the ol' needles and thread, it's an utter disaster. A total shamble. So I admire those who make it look so easy.

Once again, may I introduce Amela?

I gamely tried to have the huz take a picture of me in the full blue-green outfit she just finished knitting (at the rock-bottom price of 50 marks, about 30 bucks) but he was unequal to the job. I can't say I proved very worthy either, but, hey...Although the lighting is poor, I think you can see why I'm such an admirer of hers. She uses nice wool and produces a nice product. (The little pink set is for sale, fyi, for $17. And she knits the most adorable baby clothes.)

Now, that I'm leaving Bosnia (less than two weeks!) I want to make sure I give a shout out to all those folks who have made my life bright. Amela has certainly been one of those people. She's the sweetest, most ultimate of hostesses; her kitchen is always open, and she makes a fantabulously rich cappuccino and deliciously debilitating homemade cakes. I'm always welcome in her home, and I'm treated like family. Leaving people like this truly hurts because there's always the fear you may not meet someone this true, this nice, again.

(Sniffle.) Pass the tissues, please...That's better.

Anyway. Should you have a desire for homemade Bosnian knitwear, I know someone with skills. And she's cute too.


Blogger traveller one said...

Oooo I would love a that sweater set if only to be able to say it was made by a BOSNIAC (a word I think is fantastic!)!!

12:12 AM  
Blogger Infelix said...

Hey hey,

came by your blog,could see that you were in myself form sarajevo,but now living in Denmark....I visit sarajevo twice a year...that is a "must" in my life....

anywho....just to say nice blog...enjoy your time.....:)


maybe I should order a "scarf" or something....

5:55 AM  

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