Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am one lazy blogger...

...But I got a job, which half explains my laziness. Very difficult to keep one's personal work, well, personal, when you're on reception. Then, I come home, help the Huz with dinner, work out for a measly half hour, and collapse into bed.

I know. Can you stand the excitement?

Sadly, not working in Bosnia primed me for any job that I was offered in England. Meaning, when I was hired for a temporary job at a Cambridge U. reception desk (exact location to remain anonymous), I thought, "Me? You want little ol' me? I'll take it!"

And take it I did, with very few regrets. Unfortunately, some of my ever so charming colleagues are one samosa short of an Indian take-away, as one incident with a handicapped bathroom proved very recently. No time to go into that now. But I promise, now that I am back in the groove, I will share my torment. And pictures! For those of you who wanted pictures, I will post them. Promise! And that's not an empty promise, but an honest-to-God real one!



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