Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Big 3-0

To all those happy birthday wishers and those who thought I may have fallen off a cliff because I never update my blog or email in a timely manner:

I am alive and feverishly looking for gainful employment in the UK.

While I'm not too worried as there are literally thousands of jobs out there (thank you, you bountiful economy, you), it will take time. And I am, if you don't know, an impatient person by nature. I am glued to the internet from 10:00 am until I drag myself back at 4 to make dinner. During that time, as I write application after application, tweak my resume into a CV, and rework cover letter upon cover letter, my long-suffering blog waits for my return...

So, in a caffeine induced frenzy that carelessly made me CLOSE an application I had been working on for two hours, I thought it was time for a break. A bloggy break.

First. Thank you birthday well-wishers for well-wishing. I am 30 now, which makes me officially an adult. I can't blame reckless behavior on 20-something impulsivity. No. Somehow, without my consent, 30-ness has been thrust upon me: unwelcome and, well, not completely unexpected. I am now...responsible.

Second. I have many pics. to share, which I will post when I'm not crazy and inclined to delete them as have just deleted an application for employment.

Third. I can tell I will not be BFF with the General Social Care Council. We may be at war shortly. Juicy gossip to come.

Four. Huz and I went to the Norfolk coast for a pre-birthday vaca, and, may I just say, how utterly charming it is? And may I also say that I am equally utterly charmed by the British obsession with bird-watching. Your just adorable with your binoculars and Wellies. It's a sport for you, ain't it? When I'm flush with $$$, I plan to get my very own pair of funky Wellington boots.

Five. Maria, you little sneak. I can't believe your selling your treadmill now! You had a cast iron grip on that mother just a month ago. Where's the love?


Blogger Doc said...

30!? You admit to 30?! No, no, no! This won't do! It's 29-A.

Welcome back, and good luck

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Maria Lubambo said...

About time you wrote in here my friend. I am missing you sooo very much!

Got further news that can only be shared by email. LOL I know... I know.... Tom convinced me by pure presurre to sell my unused baby!!! hahahahaha Might do business today!! yupppppiiii.
Love you.

4:18 AM  

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