Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A recommendation and a little something from the complaints department

First, the complaints department because I loves to complain, especially when the complaint is stupid and petty because it's the stupid, petty things that make you nuts. Am I right?

The advertisement for Everybody Hates Chris on Paramount TV (UK).

Word Up! people this song is obnoxious, is played during every single commercial break, and is ruining any interest I might have had in viewing this show. I now hate Chris. I hate him. And I will not watch the show. Ever. Word up.

And now a little something from the lazy preggo book recommendation department.

I loved The Exception by Christian Jungersen. I loved it.

If you have ever been in a toxic work environment, and, hello, who hasn't, this will ring more than a few bells. (And if you haven't, let me tell you right now, we just can't be friends.) The twist is that this particular work environment is the Danish Center for Information on Genocide. Hmm. You would think people who research such a subject would be less inclined to victimize their office mates. You know, become perpetrators themselves. It is a fascinating twist to the generic mystery genre. Is there such a thing as being good or evil? Or. Depending on circumstance, are we all capable of being both?


Lazy preggo out. Naptime!


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