Sunday, August 05, 2007

I am in my own private10 mini-donut a bag hell

In eating the 10 mini-donuts from the vile baking counter temptresses at Waitrose, I have LEARNED A VALUABLE LESSON....

Always blame the baby.

For instance.

Tired? Baby's fault.

Hungry? Baby's fault.

Zero libido? Baby's fault.

Weight gain? Baby's fault.

Clouded ambition? Lack of direction? Baby's fault's fault.

I'm thinking of making this into a public service announcement and setting it to the music of The More You Know.

I shall call it, "When life hands you lemons, it's your baby's fault."

Yup. I have that Mother-of-the-Year award pretty much in the bag.

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Anonymous Creditmum said...

You can't even imagine what I did when I had a small baby. I just tortured my husband asking him to look after the baby because I had a headache or to take a walk with him as I had no clothes to wear. And he did it because I always complained that he couldn't even realize how I felt when I was pregnant.

2:23 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

very funny post... love it

11:57 PM  

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