Sunday, August 05, 2007

In regard to previous post...

I am not an insensitive asshole. Neither am I depressed or passively (or aggressively) resentful of unborn Wee One.

What I am:

1. Exhausted. Perpetually.
2. Housebound. (see number one.)

And my sense of humor has become twisted of late. Think Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window and, well, Bart Simpson in Bart of Darkness. "There was an optics festival, and I wasn't informed? You go now."

All in all, I think I'm holding up pretty well....

(Giggles maniacally while rocking back and forth.)



Anonymous island1 said...

Very nice style, I found myself reading for far longer than I had originally intended. Wish I could get the hang of the short, pithy post (does 'pithy' imply 'short' anyway?). I do hope my countrymen don't give you any more grief.

1:42 PM  

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