Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Red leicester is good and all but gouda is better.

I love sandwiches. And, now that I'm in my second trimester, I'm back to eating my sandwiches as I like them, with mayo and mustard and tomato and spinach and relish and onion and ham and...gouda.

But, martyr and non-food waster that I am, I decided to forgo the delightful slices of gouda in favor of the leicester that's been living in the fridge since last week.

I feel a finer person, really. And I'm glad that my baby, when he or she is born and able to read this blog/baby journal, will know that his (or her) mother values all food and will even forsake her precious gouda for leicester leftovers.

I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned in all this, and, I'm sure if we all think hard enough, long enough enough, and creatively enough, we will find it, by gum.


Anonymous Nicholas said...

I love both. But do you keep cheese in the fridge or do you allow it to reach room temperature before you eat it?

5:34 PM  
Blogger J. said...

Sadly, nope. I eats it when I wants it. And our fridge runs pretty cold. I clearly have no willpower.

11:39 PM  

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