Friday, September 14, 2007

Wales is awful purty. Take that, Cambridgeshire!

Shucks. That's not nice. Cambridgeshire can't help being flat or windy or flat, windy and rainy. And we do loves its flat hilly charms. Mostly.

But what we really loves is North Wales with its purty, purty mountains and it purty, purty coast.

This is Criccieth. I do believe we were at the castle, looking down at the town. Really should have taken more castle pictures, but, you know, one castle is so much like the next...

I was totally charmed by the scenery and the people. We had a fantastic breakfast at our little B&B which included blood pudding, something I really enjoyed. Then again, I really love (and miss) scrapple, so you can see where blood pudding and I would really get along. (Stu pretended to try it, lied to me about liking it, and then lied about both trying and liking it. Men. Honestly.)

So, here we are, in the middle of nowhere, already charmed, and we come across this church with the most intriguing tile work. And we're charmed some more.

I hated leaving Criccieth. If we had more time, I think I would have happily stayed and puttered around town, enjoyed the scenery, gone for long walks, and eaten hearty lunches. But, alas, we had three days left and more peninsula to see.

Bye, bye, blood pudding. I was very happy to meet your acquaintance, and I'd like to think our paths will cross again.

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