Friday, September 21, 2007

Where's mah belly? Mah baby belly?

As I look down the barrel of my sixth month (in two weeks, two weeks!), I wonder whatever happened to a sizeable, noticeable baby-bump?

I'm tired of looking like I waddle down the pub for a few pints. I still fit into my non-preggo pants...with the zipper down and a shirt pulled discreetly around my exposed bits. I think my neighbor might be hinting, if ever so subtly, that I'm looking a little portly 'round the middle. "It's a beautiful day! Out walking the dog, huh? Did she go for a nice long walk?"

Don't play with me, mister. I see you looking down at my jacket that doesn't quite fit over my stomach but that doesn't quite not fit either so what's the point of getting rid of it for maternity wear that I won't need in a year?

Methinks a purchase of one of these bad girls is in order:

It's called a belly band. Does anyone own one of these? Does it work? Mah belly needs stylish emphasis, "Look at me! I'm a baby, not fish n' chips pudge. Really!"


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Anonymous novala said...

my cousin used one of those. They come in all colors and patterns. They look cute.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

You've got to be kidding! I skipped the beer belly phase entirely & was huge in my preggie pants by the beginning of my fourth month!
Yup! I own a couple of belly bands. Only I used them afterI had Emma when I could get into my non-preggie jeans but couldn't quite close 'em....

10:40 PM  

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