Monday, October 17, 2005

Catch Up and Cute Turks...

I have been very behind in updating my blog. Sorry to all you loyal readers, i.e., my parents, Stu's parents. Days have been going by very smoothly. I've slipped into a gentle routine and am quite content. Still on the prowl for a job, but I'm not housebound. Stu seems to like his job quite a bit and has meshed nicely with his co-workers. Speaking of, I visited my very first military camp last weekend. My liberal friends will be shocked, so hold onto your pants, folks, or skip to the next entry.

First of all (picture moi giggling girlishly), the guards on guard duty...Hmm, that sounds goofy. What is the military term for the soldier people at the entry way of a camp? You know the ones...they give you the once over, take your passports, and such and such? Oh well, bear with me. The soldiers on guard duty were very lovely Turkish men. I was saluted! Stu was saluted! Apparently, they salute all Americans. How did they know we were Americans, I want to know? Anyhoo, what did I do when faced with such stern (handsome) faces? I giggled and did a little girly bye-eee wave. You know, I waggled my fingers, and, of course, giggled. Not exactly a salute they were used to, I'm sure.

As we were riding back to camp a few days ago, I casually asked Stu if the Turks were still on rotation. Sigh. They've been replaced by no-nonsense Gurkhas. They don't salute, apparently they know better. Just when I got my finger waggle and girly giggle down.


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