Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some Funnies, including the "Not Ready for Primetime Players"

Stu and I have had a lot of mini-laughs lately, so before I forget...

1) Anyone familiar with SNL will get the reference in the post title. We live in the nexus of some very active mosques, with imams of varying singing/chanting abilities. Unfortunately, the mosque nearest to us has an imam with a powerful, albeit, questionable talent in the ol' voicebox department. Stu came up with the "not ready for primetime players" reference, which I think fits nicely and gives us the giggles.
2) If you've ever been to a sushi restaurant or flown on Asian carriers, you will be offered a lovely warm towel at some point following your meal. After dining at a particularly hands-on restaurant, we were offered what looked like some kind of after dinner onion stalk. (Bizarre. Why we thought this, I don't know, but go with the flow...). Like synchronized swimmers, we each picked up our stalks and chomped down on them at the same time, only to discover they were, in fact, tightly wound warm towels. Luckily, we were seated at an intimate section of the restaurant, so no one noticed us chowing down on washcloths.
3) Our attempt to add minutes to our cell phone was made even more trying by instructions recorded in poor Bosnian English. Case in point, "If you want to do something, press 4." Basically, that was the instructions. How do you work with that? We had so much we needed to do and no direction. No operator. Kinda funny, though.
4) The last tenants in our house left us a ton of soap, lotions, shampoos, etc..., so we figured there was no need to buy anything for a long time. Well. One problem is that all these lovely body products are in German. Quite a time guessing what each is used for. Have just realized I have been washing my hair with body soap, which makes the lank and dismal look of my hair understandable.


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